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Welcome to Sheffield Elementary!

Sheffield Elementary is an AVID elementary school located in the northern part of Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD. Sheffield is named for the district’s beloved former school board president, Donald H. Sheffield. The motto at Sheffield is “Where learning is the EXPECTATION!” Being an AVID elementary, helps students Achieve Via Individual Determination. The program of AVID is focused on helping all students be college and career ready. We welcome you to the adventure at Sheffield…. The memories are priceless.


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I do want to express my deepest appreciation for the hard work and dedication that the staff here at Sheffield Elementary have displayed for my children from the time of enrollment. My children have increasingly demonstrated advancements as they progressed through their tenour with dedicated teachers, counselors, coaches, and administrators with improved knowledge of the materials and the eagerness to learn more. I am ecstatic with such devotion to invest the efforts and positive energy into my boys to the point that I feel that it would be a disservice to my children to not allow them to complete their term throughout the extension allowed cap at this institution. Through some of my hardships, the school undoubtedly without question stepped up and stepped in when I could not. It is an honor to be a privileged part of this organization. Thank you. Thank you all for caring for my children as if they were your own.
-Sheffield Parent

I like Sheffield because I have nice teachers and because I love how they are patient with me. There is always somebody who can help me talk my feelings out. I love learning because my teachers love teaching.
-sheffield Student

Walking into the doors of Sheffield, you feel a culture of unity. Every staff member is here to support our families, community and each other. I love coming to work each day, I feel very supported by faculty. I love that we are an AVID school, we celebrate and encourage students to learn about the different opportunities available to them. 
-sheffield Staff Member